Maze Crusher





Sept 6th 2019
(Early Access)

Maze Crusher is a game originating from Ludum Dare 42 Game Jam.

You are Kurisou, the little dragon :) - trapped in a huge and creepy maze. You need to find a way out of the maze as fast as you can. You have a limited amount of time to get out. The quicker you are, the more score you get.

Early Access Roadmap: We started into Early Access on september 6th 2019 with single player and treasure fight gamemodes with a few mazes. We will implement the Capture the flag (2 and 2x2 players) gamemode as well as most puzzling elements during the planned 12-18 months early access period. We want you (as our community) to share your whishes and thoughts about the game. You can influence the further development by joining our discord or filing requests and bug reports!

Sounds Simple So Far Huh?

Of course there is more! Depending on the maze you play, there will be traps, portals and other stuff. You might need to activate triggers in different parts of the maze to open the exit-portal and you will encounter enemies all over the maze. You have three lifes per maze. If an enemy gets too near (touches Kurisou) you will lose a life. Warning! Exploding fireballs cause a shock wave which will make walls collapse. And no, you can't get over collapsed walls. The tricky part is: Wall fragments can make it difficult to pass by - so watch out! Do not run out of space.

Beneath the single player "puzzle mode", there are some multi player modes available:

Treasure Fight (2-4 players)

Collect treasures and fight your friends to become the richest dragon in the maze

Capture the flag (2 or 4 players - coming during EA)

In this mode you need to find a way to your opponent's spawn point, grab his flag and bring it back to your spawn. But beware! You might lose the flag if you don't watch out.

Versus mode (2-4 players - coming during EA)

Multiple dragons in the same maze. You can (probably should) work together to solve the maze (open the exit portal). As soon as all blockers are destroyed you have to spit fireballs on your enemies. Got hit? You're out. Only the last one can leave the maze.

Note: Multi player is only available with controllers! You can not mix keyboard and controllers.

For optimal gaming experience use a controller. Officially supported and tested: Xbox One Controllers, PS4 Controllers, Nintendo Switch JoyCons (Names are trademarks of their respective owners).
Many more are working out of the box though. We'd love to hear about your experiences to be able to extend the list.