Maze Crusher

MazeCrusher is a kind of modern arcade game where you need to escape a trapping maze. On your way out you will encounter enemies trying to kill you as well as puzzles to solve.

Fantasy Fight LIVE!

Fantasy Fight LIVE! is a Twitch-Overlay-Game where viewers can challenge each other interactively while they are watching a stream.

About Us


Idea for "Krieg der Galaxien" Browsergame

KDG project kicked off by Alex with a small team of random people


KDG release

KDG went live for public beta in mid 2008 and was later released for GA


"Krieg der Galaxien" at Games Convention Online

We were invited to present our Browsergame in a community area at GCO 2010 Leipzig


End of "Krieg der Galaxien"

KDG was stashed as browser games have become more and more unimportant.

Dec 2017 / Early 2018

Talks and Meetups with some other Indies

Alex was pushed back into the scene after some talks to Ben from Pixel Maniacs

Jan 2018


We started networking and streaming various content on twitch

March 2018

Affiliation on Twitch

From now on we are affiliated streamer and developer on twitch

April 2018

Hello, Ludum Dare!

We discovered Game Jams. Our first one was Ludum Dare 41 in April 2018

August 2018

Kick-Off: Maze Crusher

Our first Game project "Maze Crusher" was born during Ludum Dare 42

September 2019

Early Access Release: Maze Crusher

Maze Crusher went into "very early access" on steam for community-driven development

September 2020

Early Access Release: Fantasy Fight LIVE!

FFL went into early access in general availability

November 2020

Launch of the Fantasy Fight LIVE Ecosystem

FFL has expanded to a cross-channel experience on twitch

The Story of Firesplash Entertainment

In 2007, when Alex had an age of 15, he played a well-known SciFi browsergame together with his friends at school. The lack of some features lead him to kick off his own first programming project. He started to learn PHP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL and CSS basics and developed "KDG" with some random people he played together before.

After about one and a half year of learning and development the project went live for a small group of about 100 beta users. It was kind of a great success. After the official release he soon had about 200 regular users. One should know that at this time the SciFi Text-BG genre is no longer a big and well-known genre. Most people started playing browsergames focussing more on graphics.

In 2010 the team got even invited by TwoPiTeam and Messe Leipzig to paticipate as communiuty/indie project as exhibitor at Games Convention Online in Leipzig. Unfortunately that was not a great success. We were going under between big titles next to us. We were able to raise our active users to about 300.

About one year later KDG was closed as user counts were constantly reducing. The time for Text-Based BGs was over.

In the next years a few game ideas came up but without a good team and to be honest wihtout enough funds it was not possible to begin developing it so we stashed the idea. But it is still there... Maybe some day this we will kick-off this project.

A few years we were not active in any way... Alex did his profession as IT specialist and was very busy over time.

In December 2017 Alex was crawling Twitch for cool stuff and discovered pixel_maniacs, an indie game studio from nuremberg. - We do not refer to them here for advertisement pruposes but they play kind of a big role in the upcoming events - they were participating in a 72 hours game jam called "Ludum Dare" - he watched the whole progress and had a talk to some people of their staff. In the following months he followed their talkshows - They are inviting other indies and the "who is who" around german indie scene. Alex collected a whole bunch of useful information, hope and creative ideas and had another talk to their CEO as his story is in many points similar to Alex' - except that Ben had a slightly different and more successful start. This is also the moment when Alex decided to simply "do it". It has always been the thought that it is "too hard to get into the scene" which held Alex from starting through. The talk to Ben offered him that in fact it is not that hard to get into game development scene. The business is very open to newcomers and you are able to start distributing your projects fairly easy so we decided to give it a try and participated in ludum dare 41 in April 2018.

During the contest we were live-streaming the whole development progress on twitch and had about 200 different chatters during the whole jam. The feedback and support was amazing. we decided to bring our LD41-Game-Idea to a real game. This is the moment when CornWars was born...

Our Team

Alexander Täffner

Founder / Dev

Jan Simanek


Marie Reuber

Design / Graphics

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